Darwin Ortiz At The Card Table by Darwin Ortiz

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Publisher: Kaufman and Company
Location: Washington DC, USA
Date: 1988
Pages: 163
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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From Darwin’s Introduction: “If I had to summarize the material in this book I would have to say that it is professional magic, it is strong magic…The term ‘audience-tested’ is often used, and sometimes abused, in the literature of magic. The effects in this book have been audience-tested, not over a period of weeks of months, but over years of constant use before paying audiences, the only way one can really come to know an effect.


Pinky Count -Card Table Artifice-Jacks Open- Jackpot – Jacks or Better – In One Deal – Mexican Poker – Darwin’s Three Card Monte – The Estimation Routine – Grand Slam – The Vegas Shuffle – Fast Shuffle -The Twofer Shuffle – Greek Poker – The Ultimate Card Shark – Legerdemain – The Dream Card – Hitchcock Aces – Nine Card Location – Regal Aces – Slick Aces – Deja Vu Jokers – Modern Jazz Aces – The Lucky Deck – Darwin’s Wild Card – Darwin’s Aces – The Card Warp Deck – The Si Stebbins Secret – Do As I Did – Jumping Gemini – Back Off – Mindbender – Ultimate Interchange – New Tens Routine – Hardbound, 168 pages


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