New Era Card Tricks by August Roterberg

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Publisher: Magico Magazine
Location: New York, USA
Date: 1897,2004
Pages: 284
Layout: 6"x9", hardbound
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“New Era Card Tricks created a minor sensation among card magicians when it appeared in 1897. Not only was it a superbly produced book, it contained sleights and tricks unknown to most magicians.”
-Byron Walker

Roterberg’s New Era Card Tricks was revolutionary for its time, being one of the first truly original treatises on card magic.

The book includes instruction in the following categories: Sleights, Tricks with Cards and Prepared and Mechanical Cards. In many cases, two or three different methods are offered for an individual effect. New Era Card Tricks teaches mnemonic devices, color changes, tricks with seldom-seen apparatus, how to construct gaffed cards, mathematical effects, tricks with stacked decks, and much much more. Many of these tricks will be a revelation to the modern-day conjurer, proving the phrase “Everything old is new again.”


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