A Magician’s Tour by Harry Kellar

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Publisher: Magico Magazine
Location: New York, USA
Date: 1886, 1984
Pages: 239
Layout: 5"x7", hardbound
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Here is a reprint of an old book by the Great Harry Kellar and his many journeys throughout the world. The book has about 30 illustrations and the list of contents is:

  • Start in Life,
  • The Bull Fight
  • Triumphal Tour through Mexico
  • In the role of Prophet
  • Through South America
  • Around The Horn
  • Shipwreck and Reverses
  • First Bow in the Colonies
  • Dining with the Maharajah
  • Boar Hunt in Java
  • City of Shanghai
  • At the Court of Ava
  • The Spiritualist Excitement
  • In the Punjaub
  • In Bombay
  • The Jugglers of India
  • In Africa
  • Hard Luck Turns
  • Before Her Majesty
  • Kimberley Diamon Fields
  • Subsitute for Jails
  • Chinese Gordon
  • Among the Kangeroos
  • Johnny Newsky
  • The Elephant Hunt
  • In New York and Philadelphia
  • Kellar and Spiritualism
  • At His Old Home

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