Art and Magic by S.H. Sharpe

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Publisher: Miracle Factory
Location: Seattle, USA
Date: 2003
Pages: 360
Layout: 6"x9", hardbound
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This book contains a thousand and one thoughts on the ART and on MAGIC and how they relate to each other and how both are one in the same and how every magician should take these thoughts to heart.

This book is unlike any book I have read on the subject. Even the way in which it is written is different. I was inspired with every word. Do you remember the wonder Doug Henning created when he burst on the magic scene? He gave Magic a new look, feel and appreciation; he put wonder back in our lives and he was a student of S.H. Sharpe.

You won’t be learning tricks here (and that’s a good thing once in a while). What you will learn and FEEL is what makes up the emotion of Magic, what changes a trick into a Magical event, a wonder. Your appearance will change, your mind will change, your attitude AND your Magic will change…all for the better.

This is a stirring book, full of years of human observation and ART and real MAGIC. Mr. Sharpe is known for his observational note-taking and has worked on this tome for a great many years. He has gleaned insights that would take the average magician a series of lifetimes to experience and process; Mr. Sharpe is/was a most unusual man with a mind to be envied. I highly recommend this book to both the professional and amateur performer. You will be amazed at how this book will change your performing life.

5.5″ x 9″ format; over 340 pages; hardbound with colorful dust jacket. Introductions by Juan Tamariz-Luis De Matos andVito Lupo. Published by the Miracle Factory.

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