Breslaw’s Last Legacy by Breslaw

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Publisher: Stevens Magic Emporium
Location: Wichita, KS, USA
Date: 1795, 1997
Pages: 144
Layout: 5"x6", hardbound
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Based on the number of editions published, Breslaw’s Last Legacy would rank as the third most popular of the antiquarian English language books devoted primarily to legerdemain. This popularity is exceeded only by the titles attributed to Henry Dean and John Henry Anderson’s Fashionable Science of Parlour Magic. Philip Breslaw was a German conjurer who came to England in the early 1760s. This edition was chosen for reprinting as it is an example of the most enlarged version. If you would like to bring a dead fly back to life, make your companions appear hideous, pull off a person’s shirt without undressing him or make a virgin’s selected card jump out of the pack, you’ll find the secret here.


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