Chanin: The Man with the Magic Hands by David E. Haversat

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Publisher: 1878 Press Company
Location: USA
Date: 2002
Pages: 430
Layout: 6"x9", hardbound
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Finally! After 20 years the magic fraternity at large once again has access to the magic of Jack Chanin. For the first time ever, six of Chanin’s most influential publications have been bound together into a single hardcover book!

Subjects covered include coins, cards, silks, cigars, sleeving, the 3 shell game and more along with biographical information and rare photographs.

“Because of their unusual cleverness and originality in presentation, Chanin’s books will live as long as magic-and that is forever.” – Edward M. Massey

“Chanin could pick up a silk with a brick in it, and you would never know.” – Dai Vernon

“I had never before seen such an impromptu performance, nor have I seen one since. They don’t make ’em like Jack anymore.” – Jay Marshall

“Jack was not simply a great magician; he was the greatest.” – Max Maven


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