Christopher’s Favorite Routines by Milbourne Christopher

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Publisher: Collector's Workshop
Location: McAllen, TX, USA
Date: 2000
Pages: 186
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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Milbourne Christopher has been a friend and confidant to some of Magic’s Greats: Sorcar, Annemann, John Scarne, Art Baker, Okito, Johnny Carson and so many more. He has performed before Royalty and US Presidents.

This book contains some of his favorite and most baffling mysteries. Some being revealed for the first time.

You will find rope magic, coins, cards, mentalism, book tests and so much more. His Lotto Prediction was a highly publicised and highly guarded secret, all explained in great detail.

This hardcover book contains dozens of photos and line-drawings. All 183 pages brinm full of great moments and magical effects.

Limited printing.


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