Compleat Magick Vol. 4 by Bascom Jones

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Publisher: Collector's Workshop
Location: Washington DC, USA
Date: 1994
Pages: 592
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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Now comes the dream collection. For the past 20 years, a steadily growing and remarkably loyal band of devotees (now numbering in the thousands) has subscribed to, contributed to, but mainly related to, the late Bascom Jones’ MAGICK. The reasons are patently apparent. Not since Annemann’s Jinx did an editor serve so diligently to tap the best, brightest and most thoughtful contributors — those conducting an endless search for the ultimate effect. Over nearly a decade and a half, magic of the mind played an important, but by no means an exclusive role in the pages of MAGICK. Close-up, impromptu and even stage magic figured meaningfully as well. The world was the source material for this publication, and with remarkable imagination, sensitivity and tenacity, its contributors investigated and challenged the concepts that surround our life. The result was the most impressive collection of ingenious approaches and presentations ever assembled.


The effects are meticulously cross- referenced in each of the volumes and are grouped in all-new, usable categories such as Close-up, Impromptu, Stage, Publicity MAGICK and Show-stoppers. Each volume is hard-bound with all-new typesetting and scores of new illustrations, and produced in accordance with the meticulous standards demanded by Collectors’ Workshop and Bascom Jones. But the beauty of these volumes lies well beyond their production and even beyond their substance. The Compleat MAGICK is designed to give you a remarkable tool that will serve both the working performer, amateur or professional, and the considerable number of magicians whose interest lies in reference and research. Here’s how it works: Each volume is divided into chapters dedicated to the performing needs of the moment. Thus, the Impromptu section in each volume will list a wide range of potential, spur-of-the-moment effects. But if you are a table worker (be it the formal restaurant performer or the informal dinner table guest) the Close-up chapter will discuss a wide range of effects, perhaps with pocket apparatus, that will enable one to prepare for a performance in that context. Full-time professionals may well turn first to the chapter on Publicity MAGICK, containing effects specifically designed with news making approaches in mind. This is magic designed for specific occasions-it is The Compleat MAGICK. ALL NEW INDEXING. We have done more. The wealth of material in these volumes lends itself readily to one of the most comprehensive reference systems ever designed: effects in each volume are indexed and carefully cross-referenced. An Author Index guides the reader to the collected works of a given contributor(and the master index in the final volume recaps all prior materials). And, should you ever wish to research all contributions involving, say, a watch, the subject index in each volume accomplishes this. WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR MONEY What would one pay for one brilliant effect? The four volumes of The Compleat MAGICK include more than fifteen hundred effects. These are hard bound, eight and one-half by eleven inch volumes totalling more than 2000 pages. Among the more than 500 contributors to the three-volume set are names such as Braun, Carlyle, Cervon, Cornelius, Falkenstein, Gibson, Judah, Larsen, Lorraine, Biro, Christopher, Grippo, Kosky, Marlo, Dai Vernon, Crandall, Emerson, Mentzer, Shields, Dunninger, Hades, Hoy, T.A. Waters and many others. Every single effect is fully routined, including patter presentation!


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