Fusillade by Paul Cummins, Doc Eason

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Publisher: Paul Cummins, Doc Eason
Location: USA
Date: 2000
Pages: 75
Layout: 9"x11", softbound
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Paul Cummins and Doc Eason have combined their efforts to bring the magic world this 75 page booklet on the ever popular “Multiple Selection Routine.” This is something that many magicians, from the casual social performer to the student to the busiest professionals, are working some form of the routine into their acts. One excellent example was Ricky Jay’s wonderful rendition, featured in his recent HBO special and broadcast to millions.

This booklet offers a two-pronged approach to teaching the routine. Doc emphasizes the memory work, while Paul emphasizes the discoveries. Both of them have been performing the routine on an almost daily basis in their professional work for many years and share all the tips and tricks they’ve learned, developed and honed over the literally thousands of performances. With the information contained in the booklet you can start developing a Multiple Selection routine of your own, one that suits your skill level and style of performing, and that you and your audiences will continue to enjoy forever!


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