Ibidem – Vol. 1 by P. Howard Lyons

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Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg, Hermetic Press
Location: Washington DC, USA
Date: 1993
Pages: 319
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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Ibidem magazine. It ran from 1955 to 1979, during which time its editor P. Howard Lyons produced 36 issues. And those issues accumulated quite a reputation. For its long unperiodic existence Ibidem became recognized as the best source for avant-garde card magic and diverse curious pursuits of Lyons and his diabolically inventive crew. In the intervening years, copies of Ibidem have been much sought after and high prices paid. All 36 issues plus related unpublished material will be gathered into three large volumes, retypeset in a fashion that retains the quirky style of the original magazines while making the text easier to read. As important as the text are the many witty illustrations and covers done by respected professional artist Pat Lyons (Howard’s talented wife). For these books, Pat Lyons has redrawn all her artwork, being faithful to the originals while enhancing them for the superior reproduction techniques used for these volumes — and all her hand-screened covers are carefully reproduced as color plates.

Volume 1 was published by Kaufman & Greenberg in 1993. Hermetic Press, Inc., in collaboration with Jogestja, Ltd., have assumed all remaining copies of this volume, and has completed the project.

Volume 1 contains the first sixteen issues of Ibidem, plus additional rare material related to the history and publication of this landmark journal. There are massive contributions by Ed Marlo and Stewart James. Other contributors include Lyons, Norm Houghton, Mel Stover, The Amazing Randi, Ken Beale, Tom Ransom, Francis Haxton, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Peter Warlock, Martin Gardner, Faucett W. Ross, Bill Simon, Tom Bowyer, Elmer Biddle, William Miesel, Alex Elmsley, Ravelli and Neal Elias.


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