Magic Menu, The, Issues: 61-64 by Jim Sisti, Andrew J. Pinard

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Publisher: Absolutely Magic
Location: Bradford, NH, USA
Date: 2002
Pages: 184
Layout: 6"x9", softbound
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After ten years and 60 issues, The Magic Menu ceased being “the international journal for professional restaurant and bar magicians” and became-for one brief, shining volume-“the professional journal for working close-up magicians.” Two hard-bound compendiums were issued that contained the initial 60 issues. It was announced in Issue 61 of the newly-expanded format that the magazine would only be available henceforth as individual issues.

Then one day Jim Sisti announced “Last Call” and closed The Magic Menu kitchen forever.

It just shows you should never say never!

Herein you’ll find the eleventh and final volume of The Magic Menu. All four greatly-expanded issues published with this new mission statement are here, representing co-editors Jim Sisti and Andrew Pinard’s effort to expand the perceived boundaries of professional close-up magic beyond restaurants and bars. You’ll find vital information about working in venues as varied as trade shows and after-grad parties in addition to the great, commercial close-up magic that The Magic Menu has always been noted for.

This book closes the story of one of magic’s most original publications.


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