Magic of Michael Ammar, The by Michael Ammar

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Publisher: L&L Publishing
Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
Date: 1991
Pages: 306
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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This large 328 page, hardbound book has become a classic of magic literature. With six commercial stand-up routines, 12 powerful utility sleights and devices, four reputation making routines, eight incredible essays, Michael’s Cups and Balls routine and much, much more. This is the absolute best of Michael Ammar all in one volume.

Table Of Contents:
Introduction by David Copperfield
Chapter One – Cups and Balls
Chapter Two – Utilities
Chapter Three – Eight Philosophical Essays on Magic
Chapter Four – Social Workers
Chapter Five – Restaurants
Chapter Six – Reputation Makers
Chapter Seven – Stand-Up
Chapter Eight – Magic Management
Chapter Nine – Classic Renditions
Chapter Ten – Bonus Material
Chapter Eleven – Making Magic Memorable
Chapter Twelve – Negotiating Higher Performance Fees


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