Man Who Was Erdnase, The by Bart Whaley, Martin Gardner, Jeff Busby

Publisher: Jeff Busby Magic Inc.
Location: Wallace, ID, USA
Date: 1991
Pages: 434
Layout: 5"x7", hardbound
Search at: Amazon, Stevens Magic.

This electricfying book is the definite story of the life and methods of the mysterious cardsharp who called himself “Erdnase” – Milton Franklin Andrews. As exciting as a mystery novel, highly acclaimed, and winner of multiple awards, it’s the only book telling the true story! Full of fascinating information available in no other source, you’ll follow Andrew’s life from birth to grave. You’ll learn about the start of his career doing magic, his conversion to a card cheat, and his travels around the world hustling in card games. You’ll read about his partners in cheating, his family, and his girlfriends. You’ll learn about the murders of which he was accused, the police chase across two continents, and follow Erdnase and his lover on his sensational escape to San Francisco that made headlines of the day!

And for the first time, you’ll find out the true story of the tragic events that led to Erdnase’s death. You’ll read the complete story of the multi-faceted search to uncover the identity of this mysterious man. You’ll follow the discovery of the exact whereabouts of his grave. And, you’ll read statements from his family and friends, proving Milton Franklin Andrews was the man who was Erdnase!

You’ll read about the magicians who actually met and had sessions with Erdnase. You’ll get previously unpublished details on his three favorite magical card routines! You’ll read about the methods, presentations, and props he used when performing close-up card magic.

Plus, there is an extensive technical section teaching the correct method and use of the Erdnase Grip. You’ll read new methods and ideas for the Erdnase Bottom Deal, and discover the truth about the Mechanic’s Grip!


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