Neo-Magic Artistry by S.H. Sharpe

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Publisher: Miracle Factory
Location: Seattle, USA
Date: 1932, 2000
Pages: 390
Layout: 6"x9", hardbound
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Legendary Words on the Fine Art of Conjuring

Sharpe’s Revised Editions of Neo-Magic and the Magic Artistry seriesIncludes additional material by David Devant, Doug Henning, Vito Lupo and Jeff McBride

Prepared by the late S.H. Sharpe, Neo-Magic Artistry combines Sharpe’s revised versions of his rare 1932 classic of magic theory, Neo-Magic, with three of his other scarce books from the 1930’s, Conjured Up, Good Conjuring, and Great Magic. Once again, Sam Sharpe will take you on his voyage through the meaning of magic and ways to transform your performances into fine art. You’ll also find over 30 original effects; Sharpe’s autobiography and additional Sharpe essays; the rarely-seen text of Devant’s magic drama The Supreme Test; and words on Sharpe by Doug Henning, Todd Karr, Vito Lupo, and Jeff McBride.

Printed On Acid-Free Paper With Full-Color Dustjacket“The inspired writings of Sam Sharpe provide a doorwa for magicians to jouney beyond stage illusion into the heart and soul of magic.” -Jeff McBride

“Follow Sharpe’s leads and you’ll discover new paths for your love of the art of magic.” -Vito Lupo


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