Performance of Close-Up Magic, The by Eugene Burger

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Publisher: Kaufman and Company
Location: Washington DC, USA
Date: 1987
Pages: 135
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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Eugene Burger’s 134-Page, “series of evocative essays” that he hopes will, “challenge you, cause you to stop and reflect upon your own magic, inspire you to practice and rehearse, and, in the process, improve your own close-up magic performances.

About the Writings

Foreword by Channing Pollock


What Is Close-Up Magic?

The Main Road

The Bert Allerton Aspirin Tin Routine


Making Cigarettes Disappear

The Pivot Vanish

Up the Nose

Using A Cigarette Pull

A Question of Character

Uncle Geek

Three-Card Monte As A Magical Entertainment

Magic Lectures

Rosini’s Double Reverse

Conversation at the Airport

The Animated Matchbox

Performing for Magicians


Spirit Candle in the Bottle


Sylvia’s Cards: An Excursion into Bizarre Magick

Negative Thought

The Haunted Pack

Questions and Answers on the Haunted Pack

Daydreaming and Imagination

An Imaginary Conversation with Eugene Burger

A Final Examination


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