Stars of Magic by Vernon, Scarne, Slydini, et al.

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Publisher: D. Robbins
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Date: 1975
Pages: 165
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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This book contains 36 Lessons in Magic, 39 different effects, a lesson in lapping, 9 magic stars, 340 photographic illustrations by George Karger. To purchase these individual lessons, thousands paid $94.00. Now a beautifully bound volume with every word of the original text. Look at these stars and some of their choice effects, described so you can perform them.

  • DAI VERNON: Triumph Card Miracle, Cutting the Aces, Spellbound, Kangaroo Coins, Cups and Balls Ambitious Cards, Ring on Wand, Slow Motion 4 Aces, Vernon on 3 Malini effects and four famous Leipzig effects. Plus his Royal Monte.
  • SCARNE: Classic Ball Routine, Copper and Silver, Triple Coincidence.
  • SLYDINI: Miracle Torn and Restored Cigarette, Flight of the Paper Balls, Fly a way Coin Routine. Plus his Art of Lapping.
  • DR. DALEY: Cards up Sleeve, Itinerant Pasteboard, and Cavorting Aces.
  • ROSS BERTRAM: Five feature coin effects.
  • CARLYLE: Decapitation Match, Homing Card, Wristwatch Steal and Coin.

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