The Joyal Index: P as in Ponsin by Martin Joyal

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Publisher: Martin Joyal
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 2005
Pages: 286
Layout: 5"x8", softbound
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Traveling through time-this is one of the things that The Joyal Index allows you to do!

You discover a card trick and decide to add it to your repertoire. You learn it, practice it, and start performing it. A few months later, you find that another well-known magician has created an improved version that is impromptu and has a better climax!

Or you find a particular trick very interesting. You think you can improve it. Your method is more complex, but the effect is more mystifying. You spend many hours refining your method until you are satisfied. You show it to a friend only to discover that he has been doing this trick the same way because that is how it is was originally developed!

The Joyal Index can be a great tool to help you avoid both of these situations. No more guessing. No more developing effects “in the dark”. The Joyal Index will show you where a trick comes from and where it went.

In P as in Ponsin you will travel back to the eras of Page, Parrish, Pinetti, Plate, Ponsin, Proskauer and many, many more.

The Joyal Index-your ticket to travel through time!

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