World’s Beyond by Paul Curry

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Publisher: Hermetic Press
Location: Seattle, USA
Date: 2001
Pages: 382
Layout: 7"x10", hardbound
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Paul Curry is a name to conjure with. If you have ever been fooled by his “Out Of This World” then you know his mind works on another plane. Very few effects remain as strong as this effect, even after fifty years and the plethora of variations spawned indicates how much his thinking has stirred other thinkers.

This new release written by Paul Curry and published in typical quality by Hermetic Press, is by far a treasure trove of sound workable routines. If I had to pick a couple of examples to whet your appetite I would say that Circle of Fire, Exchange of Fire and The Sliding Knot would fit the bill.

Circle of Fire (Paul’s version of the Photographic Card) deals with an old idea but in his hands, becomes a real miracle. Exchange of Fire is so off-beat and so delicious, I couldn’t wait to put it into practice. This effect is sheer genius. And if you remember Doug Henning cutting a length of rope, then tying it and moving the knot to various locations on the rope and then untying the rope again, you will now know who invented this and exactly how to do it. This alone could be worth twice the price you pay for this book.

Over eighty effects, mostly dealing with cards; but there is a section on ropes and a couple of bewildering coin effects that will keep you in awe for hours. This is a book you will read, and you will use the material, GUARANTEED!

Over 370 pages, dozens of explicit line-drawings and tons of great Magic. What else could you ask for? Order this now, or someone will be fooling you badly at the next get-together and you’ll discover it’s from Paul Curry!


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