Conjurers’ Optical Secrets by S.H. Sharpe

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Publisher: Hades Publications
Location: Alberta, Canada
Date: 1986, 1992
Pages: 188
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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Never before had there been a reference manual as complete as this one for the magician. Every optical principle used in magic can be found in this compilation.

Many years in progress, it is complete with additions and revisions which bring this work up-to-date. The information deals with the whole range of illusions, large and small, with descriptions and important references to the origin of the various optical principles involved.

The six sections are Psychological Visual Illusions; Physical Screening or Masking; Reflected Images; Lens Transmission; Trick Photography; and Chromatics and Focussed Light Waves. Conjurer’s Optical Secrets is a storehouse of vital information for the magician.

Three hundred drawings detail all the principles. This hardbound volume is the first in a series describing the basic principles of magic.

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