Don England’s Paradox by Kevin Kelly

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Publisher: Kevin Kelly
Location: IL, USA
Date: 2001
Pages: 152
Layout: 9"x11", hardbound
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Inspired by Brother John Hamman and Ed Marlo, Don England is truly a modern day Hofzinser! For not since Hofzinser has there been such a prolific creator of ingenious gaffs and routines with prepared cards as Don England. A strong claim to be sure! But his book Gaffed to the Hilt provided strong support for such a claim. And now this book, Don England’s Paradox, will surely cement what many in the “underground” have known for years.

From the Introduction by Brother John Hamman, “What you will discover in this text are some of his explorations, some of his ‘open sesame!’ visual magic, some dreams. Enter and you will find some rare treasures. Not golden ‘oldies’ but ‘new gems’-new polished troves-for he is one of our genies that opens up the bottle of fascinating gimmicks.”

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