Everything is Funnier with Monkeys by Doc Dixon

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Publisher: Doc Dixon
Location: USA
Pages: 107
Layout: 9"x11", softbound
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The author’s first book is filled with material straight from his professional act. Included are 26 excellent routines, mostly with playing cards, plus nine essays. Material includes Close-Up Matt, Doc’s very funny working of a Matt Schulien routine; Reshuffled, Paul Gertner’s Unshuffled with no reset; Potholio, Doc takes Mike Closes’ Pothole Trick in a new direction; Clippin’, a selected card appears folded under your money clip; Carpe Cajones, a really clever multiple prediction; plus much more. The essays are thought-provoking and cover many subjects which have not previously been discussed in print. The book will make you laugh and make you think! Highly recommended.

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