Kane by Peter Kane

Publisher: Magico Magazine
Location: New York, USA
Date: 1982
Pages: 151
Layout: 6"x9", hardbound
Search at: Amazon, Stevens Magic.

This great book contains over forty effects from this British Master including both card and non-card effects. Peter Kane’s magic is very direct, there is no build-up, he just does them, leaving you totally baffled and then with a little smile will say: “Not bad, is it” – a complete understatement! Some of the effects included are:

  • An Ancient Coin Con game
  • Any Four Different Coins Across
  • A glass and Coin Sequence
  • The Dustbin Box
  • The Elongated Lady
  • The Thumb Switch
  • The Four Flusher
  • The Expanding Deck
  • The Kabbala Aces
  • The Magic Eight
  • A Triple Coincidence
  • V.C.C.P.
  • and many more …


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