Mind, Myth and Magick by T.A. Waters

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Publisher: Hermetic Press
Location: Seattle, USA
Date: 1999
Pages: 828
Layout: 7"x10", hardbound
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Over 800 pages full of astounding and diabolic mentalism – all conceived by one man! T.A. Waters has for years been recognized as one of the most original and knowledgeable minds in Mentalism. In the 80’s he released 21 booklets of his mental secrets, which sold to a select clientele for more than 300. Mind, Myth and Magick gives you all this extraordinary Mentalism and additional material, revised, updated and extensively illustrated in a fine hardcover edition. This monumental work contains over 200 effects of Mind Reading and Bizarre Magick, along with extensive re-examinations of psychometry, billet work, book and symbol tests, fortunetelling, Tarot and other classic topics.


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